If you didn’t buy the game “Anno 1404” in English and still want to play it in German, you can’t change the language under the settings. To convert you need the German demo version, from which you copy the German language file. You can find out how to do this here.

The economic simulation “Anno 1404”

The computer game series “Anno” is one of the most successful games in the field of structure and strategy. Anno 1404 is the fourth version of the popular economic simulation and offers extensive features that allow you to explore different places in the Occident and Orient of the 15th century.

First you take over a ship and go on a voyage through the different oceans. On your journey you will discover new countries and nations with which you can do diplomacy and trade – but wars are also possible.

At the same time, you must develop your own people by building and expanding settlements, planting plantations, providing for your population and developing culturally.

With Anno 1404, you can play a campaign with eight different stations as well as six individual scenarios. You also have the possibility to start an endless game. You can choose between three different levels of difficulty for all these games. In addition, endless games are possible for an unlimited period of time.

Change the language settings of the game to English

If you have purchased an English version of Anno 1404, you can still switch the game to German and play it if you make a few file changes. However, you will need the German demo version of Anno 1404, which should be installed before the full version to avoid overwriting. If you have already installed the full version, you don’t have to uninstall it first, you can make the changes in this way. To be on the safe side, save your scores in a different folder.

To change the language of Anno 1404, download the German demo version first. You can do this for chip, for example.

Once the download is complete, open the EXE file and install the demo game. If you already have the full version installed, please make sure that you install the demo version in a different folder.

After installation, open Windows Explorer with the key combination WINDOWS+E and then go to the folder where you have installed the demo version. By default, this should be done under “C: Program

Then open the folder “Maindata” and copy the files “data0. rda”,”data6. rda” and “ger0. rda” to your desktop or another independent folder.

Once the files are copied, you can uninstall the demo version.

If you have not yet installed the full version of Anno 1404, please install it now.

Then open the Maindata folder of the full version. By default, this can be found under “C: Programs